EFI Holiday Advent Calendar 2019

Welcome to the 2019 EFI Holiday Advent Calendar.

We have 25 days worth of gifts for you in during the month of December to celebrate the holiday season!

Make sure to bookmark this page and return back every day to get your gift.

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We want to welcome you to the first day of EFI Holiday Advent Calendar.

Today, we will be sharing a great article about foods that will help ease your joint inflammation.

The holiday season is just around the corner. What does this festive time of the year make you think of?

Processed foods...


Sugary drinks...

Pastries, cookies, cakes and more.

Inflammation in our body increases because we consume more of these foods and drinks.

However, you can outsmart the holidays with these healthy eating tips.

Learn the 12 Best Foods to Ease Inflammation and Joint Pain here.

P.S. - Make sure to check out our EFI Cookbook that helps relieve joint pain, swelling, and inflammation here.

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I hope you enjoyed the joint inflammation article that we shared yesterday,

Today, we will be sharing a great workout that you can do to help you stay healthy and fit as well as tighten and tone up your thighs during the holidays.

Stay on track with your fitness goals with this workout over the holiday season - It is our gift to you!


P.S. - Before you go, make sure to check out our 12-minute holiday workout that you can do anywhere here.

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Welcome to Day 3 of EFI Holiday Advent Calendar!

Today, we will talk about an organ that sustains quite a bit of damage during the holiday season - the Thyroid.

If you often feel restless or tired, or if you lose or gain weight easily, your thyroid may be out of whack.

Read the Thyroid Health Checklist to help you avoid thyroid problems. It is our gift to you! 

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Welcome to the 4th Day of EFI Holiday Advent Calendar!

Today, we have a special free report for you on the essential benefits of doing no-equipment workouts.

You do not need a gym to get in shape!

Get to know the 7 benefits of bodyweight exercises here.

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Today, we would like to gift you our Christmas Cookbook collection!

Fill your home with warmth, delicious food and enticing smells over the holidays (these holiday recipes are so delicious you may not even realize how healthy they are).

Click here to get your free cookbooks today!

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O Come, All Ye Painful? You could be singing the wrong tune if you welcome the holidays unprepared.

With the holiday season fast approaching, most of us can already see our healthy eating habits and exercise routine flying out the window.

This will have negative effects on the body, especially our joints.

If your joints are achy, stiff or sore, then make sure to avoid these 7 WORST Foods for Your Joints.

P.S - If you would like a 3-month supply of our premium joint support product for the price of 1 month, then order here now!

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The holidays can get hectic.

It is important to take time for self-care...

One of the best self-care practices that you can do for your muscles is to massage them.

Check out this free video to learn the best self massage moves!

P.S - If you want to get our amazing 3-in-1 self-care tool, visit our store and use the Coupon Code: Xmas25 to save 25%

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Are you swimming in a pool of holiday candies?

Even when I was working in the gym, the most common Christmas gift I would get was candy.

But Remember: Sugar and sweets can be toxic to your health.

Consuming sweets can be especially challenging when you struggle with blood sugar balance. And while it is important to enjoy yourself this holiday season, creating boundaries can help keep you healthy.

Read about how to avoid the holiday blood sugar roller coaster.

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Can you believe we are 9 days into the month already!

Our gift for you today is a brand new bodyweight workout for toning and tightening your arms.

Click Here to Access Your Free Workout!

P.S - You might also like to learn our top 10 calorie-burning moves... check it out here.

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How is your holiday tummy?

After eating foods loaded with sugar, fat and salt, do you feel like jolly old Saint Nicholas with a belly full of jelly?

The most effective way to avoid holiday tummy is to charge your gut with good bacteria - Probiotics.

Here is what you need to know about Probiotics and Prebiotics.

P.S - If you would like a 3-month supply of our premium probiotic formula for the price of 1 month, then order here now to save!

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Do you suffer from hip pain at night, specifically the bursa in your hip?

I know not a lot of people talk about this, but many suffer from hip bursitis pain, especially side sleepers.

What is the best way to handle hip bursitis pain, tenderness, and swelling?

Take a look on this free report on how to deal with Chronic Hip Bursitis.

P.S - If you want to know the routine that we recommend our clients do to overcome hip bursitis, then check this out!

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Christmas Peppermint Parfaits...

You can take this tasty holiday treat off of the Naughty List, because we have a healthy version of it that you will LOVE!

It is one of our favorite Christmas recipes, and it is available to you for free here.

P.S - If you want to get hold of our Home Cooks Guide to Healthy Eating, then check this out!

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Crack, snap and pop...

Some people might think this is a type of cereal...

But for many people, this is what you are hearing and feeling in your knees every time you wake up.

Have you ever wondered what to do if your knees crack?

Read about the solution in this article.

P.S - If you have nagging knee pain, do this 10-minute routine to permanently relieve knee soreness. Save 25% with coupon code: Xmas25

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It is Day 14 already!

Hectic schedules can make it seem impossible to fit workouts into our busy week.

But remember, if there is one thing that keeps a doctor away (besides apples, of course), it is exercise.

The key to incorporating exercise into that tight schedule of yours is - starting small. Squeeze in these 5 stretches into your daily routine!

P.S - If you want to be the happiest and best version of yourself, do these 11 gentle stretches to make you look and feel amazing. And remember to use coupon code: Xmas25 to save 25%!

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For many of us, the holidays can get a bit stressful.

From family visits and traveling to shopping for gifts and overindulging on festive meals... The holidays can lead to weight gain, stress, and exhaustion.

These changes and stressors can cause drastic fluctuations in blood pressure.

So, what steps you can take to maintain healthy blood pressure during the holidays?

Our gift for you today is 7 Tips to Keep Holiday Stress and Blood Pressure In Check.

P.S - Do you struggle with high blood pressure? You can Save 25% on the 14-Day Healthy Blood Pressure Quick-Start Program with Coupon Code: Xmas25

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Have you ever wondered why your calf muscles get tight and foot pain gets worse in the winter?

Winter weather can cause heel pain, pain in the arches, and tight calves after working out or taking long walks from frequent use of winter boots and cold stiff shoes.

There is a simple solution...

Our free gift for you today is 10 Easy Movements to Loosen Tight Calves.

P.S - If your ankle occasionally locks up, causing pain and stiffness, then now is the perfect time to get Unlock Your Tight Ankles, you can save 25% with Coupon Code: Xmas25

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The holiday season is synonymous with indulgence.

Making healthy choices over the holidays may seem difficult because the sugary, high fat and high calorie temptations are everywhere!

But too much of these things can increase inflammation in the body and wreak havoc on your joints.

Did you know that there is a common spice that can reduce inflammation? Read about it here for free!

P.S - If you want to get 3  bottles of this miracle spice for the price of 1, then order here now!

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Have you ever woken up with numb hands, tingly fingers?

How often has it occurred that you experienced numbness in your hands immediately after waking up?

If the numbness is frequent, there may be an underlying cause or a chronic condition behind it.

We explain why you should be concerned about this problem and what may be causing it in this free report.

P.S - If you feel numbness or tingling effect on your hands when you wake up, you could benefit from Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Solved, Save 25% today with coupon code: Xmas25

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The holiday season is a time for goodwill, sharing, and of course, eating.

Want to make sure your New Years Party is the best one ever?

Get your free copy of our New Years Party Cookbook today!

The recipes in this cookbook use ingredients that reduce harmful inflammation which tend to lead to soreness, illness and other health complications.

P.S - With us now deep into our winter slumber in North America, it is time to rev up that metabolism to burn off those extra calories. We have a breakthrough program that contains the most effective science-backed tips, strategies and techniques for improving metabolism, check it out here and use the Coupon Code: Xmas25 to get 25% off.

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Shopping, gift-giving, baking, back-to-back diet-busting parties and more.

Sometimes we just need to unplug from the holiday hustle and bustle.

To help you beat holiday stress and stay happy, healthy, and energized, do this 5-minute yoga routine. It is our gift to you!

P.S - Do you experience high levels of stress on a frequent basis? Do you suspect you may have adrenal fatigue? Check out our Adrenal Health Quick Start Program which can help keep your adrenal system working well so you feel energized and at your best. Use coupon code: Xmas25 to save 25%!

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Need a little TLC?

Whether you are stressed or excited or anxious, it is never a bad time to indulge in a little TLC.

A self-massage with a foam roller can relax sore muscles... and provide some much needed stress relief.

Here is a list of six ways to use a foam roller that you may have never considered to help you unwind!

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Just a few more days till Christmas!

Did the holidays just seem to sneak up on you?

In case you need last-minute gift ideas that will surely please the people who hold a special place in your life, take a peek at our holiday gift guides.

Here are foolproof gift ideas your wife or husband will love for the holidays.

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Another day closer to the Big Day!

Check out the free gift we have for you today:

Restore your energy, and sweat off that heavy feeling... plus major calories, with this Post Holiday Party Workout.

P.S - Get your heart pumping and body sweating with our number #1 low impact workout. Visit our store and use the Coupon Code: Xmas25 to save 25%

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Are you excited for Christmas?

While kids are bouncing off the walls somewhat unaffected, you may have taken a not so fun bounce resulting in a lingering injury. And with injuries comes pain...

Take a look at this article that talks about the good, the bad, and the ugly side of painkillers.

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Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a Christmas filled with joy, laughter, warmth, and wonderful moments with your loved ones.

Go ahead and splurge...

...but be picky about it.

How can you maintain your weight and heart-health during such a tempting time?

We have got a list of the top 10 foods to help you avoid winter and holiday weight gain here.

P.S - No need to let your fear of gaining weight this holiday season keep you from celebrating. Get our ultimate workout bundle and use Coupon Code: Fit4Life to get it for our lowest price of the year!