EFI Holiday Advent Calendar 2022

Welcome to the 2022 EFI Holiday Advent Calendar.

We have 25 days worth of gifts for you during the month of December to celebrate the holiday season!

Make sure to bookmark this page and return back every day to get your gift.

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It's the first day of EFI's holiday advent calendar. Welcome!

It's almost time for the Holidays. What comes to your mind during this joyous season?

Festive foods…

Alcohol and sugary drinks…

Cakes, cookies, pastries, and more.

Holidays are a time for delectable foods and sweet delights! Additionally, it's a time when maintaining good health might be challenging.

With a few healthy eating suggestions, you can outsmart the holidays.

Learn how to eat more thoughtfully over the holidays. Avoid feeling deprived or guilty during the celebrations and remember to take care of yourself.

Get the 10 Tricks for Eating Mindfully During the Holidays for FREE by applying the coupon code EFIAdvent in your shopping cart during checkout!

P.S. - 'Tis the season for indulgence. Unfortunately, most holiday foods and drinks can increase inflammation in the body and wreak havoc on your health! Make sure to check out our Cooking For Pain-Free Living Cookbook, your delicious disease prevention guide!

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Happy Friday!

Although you might not give it much thought, maintaining healthy circulation is one of the most essential factors in maintaining good health.

One of the main causes of poor circulation is inactivity.

Use these 5 Bodyweight Exercises to Improve Circulation to get your heart beating and blood flowing. Use the discount code EFIAdvent on the checkout page to get the program for FREE.

P.S. - Are you too busy to exercise more? Good news: You only need 12 minutes a day to drop 8 lbs. in 2 weeks this holiday season. Get your FREE 12-minute holiday workout DVD today!

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Welcome to Day 3 of EFI's Holiday Advent Calendar!

Today, we'll discuss the Thyroid – an organ frequently harmed by the holiday season.

If you have thyroid issues, it can be stressful and difficult to maintain a balanced diet and good health when family traditions frequently revolve around food.

To learn the key indicators of a Thyroid issue, identify potential risk factors, and take action to maintain a healthy thyroid, download your FREE copy of the Thyroid Health Checklist.

P.S. - We know how frustrating it can be when your body doesn't function properly. So today, we're offering you a FREE bottle of enhanced Thyroid Support formula. It has all-natural components known to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

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It's finally the weekend!

Even while the holidays may not be the best time to follow a rigid fitness regimen or put in extraordinarily lengthy and strenuous workouts, you may still stay on track and make progress toward your goals.

Lack of time is no justification for disregarding your health. You may have an effective and lasting workout in just 5 minutes with the appropriate motivation!

Get your FREE copy of the 5-Minute Holiday Mini Band Workout program to stay inspired to move and work out over the holidays (enter coupon code EFIAdvent at checkout).

PS: You may easily and conveniently increase your strength and flexibility. You don't need anything more but this 5-Piece Mini Resistance Band Kit to perform at your best whenever and wherever! Take advantage of our special offer by using the Coupon Code: Xmas25 to save 25% off.

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It's the 5th Day of the EFI Holiday Advent Calendar!

That was fast!

While Christmas is fast approaching, it is just the right time to share with you our favorite healthy holiday recipes in our Christmas Cookbooks bundle!

Let this be the family's Christmas-time favorite for years to come and keep filling your home with warmth, enticing smells of the holidays, and downright adorable yet tasty, food over the holidays. 

Take the worry out of Christmas cooking!

Click here to get your free copies today!

P.S. - There is no better feeling than being able to indulge in foods that not only taste good but can help improve your health and lead to a pain-free life! It is possible with this guide that provides exactly what you need to look and feel good in the comfort of your own home! Check out using the Coupon Code: Xmas25 to save 25% off.

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Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy, relaxation, and celebration, but for many people, it is stressful and the reasons are more varied than you might suspect.

As it may sound like the perfect holiday to most… Time off from work, giving and receiving gifts, eating and drinking as much as you want, seeing friends, family, and loved ones, the overflowing spirit of goodwill and cheer. What's not to like?

Well, there could be a lot! And this season often brings unwelcome guests — stress and depression.

From cooking meals… Shopping… Baking… Cleaning… Entertaining… and many more!

So… before the holiday stress sneaks up on you, grab the 5 Minute Meditation to Diffuse Holiday Stress program for FREE and enjoy your most stress-free holiday season yet. Do not forget to use the coupon code EFIAdvent during checkout.

P.S. -  Given how stressful Christmas can be, it's no wonder that you might quickly resort to de-stress like eating rich food and drinking alcohol. ‘tis the season, after all. It's true that high-calorie foods can reduce feelings of stress and so does alcohol. But those are ineffective short-term fixes. But given the possibility of overindulgence in food and unhealthy habits (because it could be more fun), You should increase the amount of free radicals in your body. The easiest way to do this is by getting you FREE bottle of Turmeric Curcumin No. 1, the nature's most potent antioxidant and free radical fighter today!

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Okay, you might have been busy going around making sure that things are settling fine for the most wonderful time of the year…

But… aren't you forgetting something?


So here we are, reminding you that it's self-care time...

The simplest yet most effective way to do that? Manipulate your own muscles. With just a simple tool, you can harvest plenty of its physical and mental benefits, including pain relief and relaxation.

Pick up a foam roller for yourself and give your body the care it needs to stay pain and injury-free. Here are the 7 Foam Rolling Exercises Your Body Is Begging You To Do! You can get the program for FREE by using the coupon code EFIAdvent at checkout.

P.S - Not sure where to find a quality foam roller? Worry no more! Here is our amazing 3 in 1 self-care tool, available at 25% off! Visit our store and use the Coupon Code: Xmas25.

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Whether you live to experience the joys of the holidays or just dread them, nothing can stop the inevitable weight gain.

You know... Holiday binging is a common fact of life and as a result, your jeans will feel too tight and the scale may be upsetting.

Without the right metabolism boosters and calorie deficit, you'll hardly see the scale move while enjoying all those yummy holiday treats.

Cheer up! There is a way to manage your weight gain over the holidays without radically changing your lifestyle or exercising too hard.

Use a secret metabolic trick to help you deal with a stressful holiday season and maintain a healthy weight all year long. Check out our Metabolism Boosting Workout to Burn Off Those Extra Holiday Calories program 100% FREE if you apply the coupon code EFIAdvent on the checkout page.

P.S. - Let’s talk about sugar too! ‘Tis the season reminder: Sugar and sweets can be toxic to your health. While they are fun to consume, it can be rough when you struggle with blood sugar balance. It is important to create boundaries while celebrating throughout the season and all year round. Here is our 14-Day Diabetes Control Quick Start Program to help you manage your sugar levels - just exactly the way it should be. Use the Coupon Code: Xmas25 to save 25%!

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Hello, Friday! 

While this time of the year is usually filled with festive holidays and celebrations, it is also the busiest and most stressful time of year for many of us. 

Enjoy your holiday season with a new sense of calm and serenity with 5 Simple Stretches to Reduce Holiday Stress. Enter coupon code EFIAdvent at checkout to get your FREE copy right now!

Remember to take some time for yourself to relax and practice self-care techniques. Aches and pains can affect your spirits at this time of year, so listen to your body and prioritize your health.

P.S. - Along with the festivities which incorporate food, you might be thinking of ways to increase your metabolism and avoid a holiday coma! Know that stretching is the best way to increase your metabolism and burn fat throughout the day (don’t give all the glory to cardio!). The trick is increasing your resting metabolic rate by up to 20% by stretching for 10 minutes every morning. This means that even when you are at rest, your body will continue to burn calories all day! What you need is the Stretching to Increase Metabolism program. Get your instant access today and save 25% (use the coupon code Xmas25)!

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The arrival of the holiday season may signal the beginning of parties, get-togethers, and festive eating. However, too much consumption of anything can disrupt how your gut feels.

Have you checked your tummy lately? Is it looking flabby like Saint Nicholas’ belly full of jelly?

Oh stop! You can do something about that! Just recharge your gut with good bacteria!

Here's what you need to know about Probiotics and Prebiotics.

P.S. - Looking into getting rid of that flabby belly? Check out our Probiotic Formula No. 1 which contains fat-melting microbes that will give you an extra fat-burning boost and let it do all the hard work for you.

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Your hip pain is probably not just a simple pain.

Since our hips connect our upper body and lower body, they are constantly exposed to a great deal of stress and strain especially on daily tasks like walking, working, exercising, and doing other simple to complex movements.

If the pain can even be felt at night when sleeping on your side, you might be suffering from hip bursitis - a painful condition caused by inflammation of a bursa in the hip.

Not a lot of people know this and talk about this kind of pain, which is why this packed report on How to Deal with Chronic Hip Bursitis is created.

Check this out today and learn how to handle the pain, tenderness, and swelling and prevent it from coming back again in the future.

P.S. - While hip pain becomes a common physical condition, knowing its root cause can be a challenge. If you are one of the many people who are not sure how to identify the root cause of their hip pain, this 10 Easy Movements For Hip Bursitis program is for you! It is a complete guide from learning about hip bursitis to the ways how to live a normal, active, and pain-free life again! Grab your copy now and save 25% by using the Coupon Code: Xmas25

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Christmas is a time of love, laughter, celebration, and, all too often, overindulgence. Following a healthy or restricted diet during the holiday season can be difficult, but with a little know-how, you can satisfy any sweet tooth to end a perfect Christmas dinner!

If you're looking for a more christmas-y dessert to serve this year, then it's time to shift to a healthier option! A Christmas Peppermint Parfait! You can make them look however you want without compromising the nutrition.

P.S. - If you are looking for healthier ways to indulge in your favorite holiday dishes, here's a cook's guide of quick-and-easy, gourmet, and everything in between that promotes anti-inflammation and improved digestion, the Home Cook's Guide to Healthy Eating.

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Ever had cold weather blues where your mood just drops like the temperature? You're not the only one!

These short days and long nights can make you feel more tired or sad than usual because your body may produce more melatonin, making you feel drowsy and low on energy.

If these short, dark days are getting you down, try this 10-Minute Indoor Workout to Beat the Cold Weather Blues, a quick set of exercises to release endorphins for a brighter and happier day. It's free when you use the coupon code EFIAdvent so you've got less to worry about!

P.S. - Oh snap! It's the holiday season and we've got too much on our plate! From preparing for the holiday parties, presents, and other festivities, you might be losing more energy than you gain and that is a big no-no! You might miss so much of the holiday fun if your energy could not match the height of fun! So try these 10 Easy Movements for Increased Energy, and yes, you can do this anywhere and anytime. Grab your copy today and save 25% by using the coupon code: Xmas25. Get moving!

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As the weather gets colder, we automatically adjust our clothing, activity, and food to maintain a feeling of warmth.

But of those three, being physically active is the healthiest and the best way to stay warm throughout the coming days. Your muscles contract, breaking down more nutrients and producing more heat. This additional heat production can aid in maintaining body temperature and the sensation of warmth.

It does not have to be something you will feel too tired to do, try this gentle yoga routine in the comfort of your own home 10 Yoga Poses to Help You Feel Warm This Winter and keep your blood flowing and increase your body temperature.

You can get a FREE copy by using EFIAdvent at checkout.

P.S. - Just like this holiday season, do you want to stay happy and healthy while living pain-free? What if I tell you that it is possible if you do a few stretches daily? Check out  the 11 Daily Stretches to Feel and Look Amazing program and claim your FREE DVD.

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Yoga is for everyone. That is a fact. Although it may sound intimidating at first, once you know how and where to start, you'll love it!

Prepare to roll out your yoga mat and discover the combination of physical and mental exercises that can calm your mind and strengthen your body, whether you are young or old, overweight or fit.

But before you do that, make sure to get your own copy of the Yoga 101 program. It's free when you use the EFIAdvent discount code during checkout.

P.S. - Although the holidays can make you all fun and giddy, there could be other situations that may trigger the fluctuation of your blood pressure. If it is something that you need to monitor from time to time, then you need to try this 14-Day Healthy Blood Pressure Quick-Start Program and use the Coupon Code: Xmas25 to save 25%.

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Whether it's daily calf pain or lingering conditions that act up without notice, this kind of pain gets worse in the winter. The cold causes calf muscles to tighten and slow you down.

Sometimes even suddenly make your muscle sluggish without a warning.

But.. although weather changes are uncontrollable, you can manage this kind of pain. 

Simply do these 10 Easy Movements to Loosen Tight Calves program so you can untighten those muscles, reduce pain and stiffness, and help prevent future injuries. Get this TODAY for FREE by applying the coupon code EFIAdvent.

Remember, calf pain is not normal whatever the weather is so take advantage and get those calves working fine!

P.S. - Have you ever felt pain in your feet and ankles when doing simple daily activities like standing and walking and thought it should not be something serious? Truth is, it is. So you should not let it get worse. Moving around should not be painful, and you should get rid of this discomfort. Here's a program that is designed to do just that - Unlock Your Tight Ankles. Use the Coupon Code: Xmas25 to save 25% off.

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It's the holiday season! And you might be thinking that you “deserve” to indulge in all the merriment happening around you and you may have very limited healthy options because temptations are everywhere!

All those sugary, high-fat, and high-calorie foods are just waving and enticing for you to try them!

But you cannot risk consuming them knowing that these unhealthy foods and drinks can affect your overall health, primarily increase inflammation in the body and wreak havoc on your joints.

However, if you already indulge in all those treats, and now you feel that the damage has been done, then it's time to check out this healing food.

P.S. - You can feel your age based on number or your physical state. But, we prefer you to just know it based on numbers and continue to feel younger at any age. This is possible by taking a miracle spice packed with natural antioxidants to fight free radicals. This way, you can eliminate a lot of age-related diseases. Get your FREE bottle of Turmeric Curcumin No.1, nature's most potent antioxidant and free radical fighter.

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The holiday season is super fun and exciting but it could also easily become stressful.  It's simple to forget about taking care of yourself while traveling, seeing relatives, and going to events, which can rapidly become a nightmare.

While you're under stress, your body feels weakened, stiff, sore, and exhausted, which is not ideal when you're trying to have fun. Therefore, it's crucial to find time to unwind and keep your body active.

Discover 10 of our favorite stability ball exercises that can help you build muscle, loosen your stiff joints, and relax your mind. These exercises will help you maintain mental focus so that you don't end up sad over the Christmas season. They will also help you gain more balance, flexibility, and strength.

Get your free copy of the Staying Strong and Stress Free with the Stability Ball program by applying the coupon code EFIAdvent at checkout.

P.S. Using a stability ball makes nearly every workout a whole-body exercise, which can speed up your calorie burn compared to other activities. The Strong & Stable Stability Ball Workout routine allows you to exercise LESS frequently and achieve BETTER results. To save 25%, enter the coupon code: Xmas25.

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Feeling lethargic, worn out, and sleepy?

Getting up and moving is one of the finest things you can do to increase your energy!

Put down the coffee, skip the nap, and perform a simple exercise program that doesn't require any expensive equipment.

The ideal technique to strengthen your cardiovascular system and enhance your energy levels in the shortest amount of time possible is by doing the Quick 5-Minute Energy Boosting Workout. Use the promo code EFIAdvent in your shopping basket at checkout to get it for free.

P.S. - A thyroid boost is recommended if you feel exhausted practically constantly, regardless of how much sleep you get or what you do. With this 7-second daily ritual, your thyroid will be activated and your metabolism will burn fat more quickly.

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Shopping, giving gifts, baking, many diet-busting parties, and other activities.

You might be overwhelmed and feel exhausted over the holidays. During this most wonderful season of the year, it is easy to feel less wonderful.

Try the 5-Minute Yoga Routine to Decrease Holiday Stress to help you combat stress throughout the holidays and stay happy, healthy, and energized. Enter the promo code EFIAdvent at checkout to receive your book for FREE.

P.S. - Before stress causes significant sickness, it's crucial to control and reduce your stress levels right away. Get a copy of the 14-Day Stress Reduction Quick Start Program and safeguard your overall health. Use the discount code Xmas25 to save 25%.

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Experiencing an emotional, draining day? 

It's never a bad time to indulge in a little TLC, whether you're stressed, excited, anxious, or there's simply too much going on in the world for you to handle.

Additionally, you don't need to hire a personal trainer or pay a massage therapist hundreds of dollars to have a good deep tissue massage.

A foam roller is all you need!

Here is our Foam Rolling 101 program that will help you better understand foam rollers from A to Z, including what to do, what not to do, and why it's good for you. By using the promo code EFIAdvent at checkout, you can get it absolutely FREE.

P.S. You can't always go to the gym… and massage therapy is pricey. That's why we recommend that you get our incredible 3-in-1 Foam Roller! With this affordable tool, you may reduce joint pain and increase your range of motion. Get 25% off when you use the coupon code: Xmas25

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Christmas is in the air!

It's coming in a few days yet, it always seems to sneak up and surprise you!

Check out our holiday gift guide if you're looking for last-minute presents that will delight the people who hold a special place in your life.

Here are some holiday gift suggestions that are sure to please your wife or husband.

P.S. - Our 5-Piece Mini Resistance Band Kit (use the coupon code: Xmas25 to save 25% off) is the ideal gift if your loved ones desire to get in shape but lack the time and drive to work out. They won't ever have an excuse not to work out again thanks to this simple kit, which will enable them to improve their fitness levels wherever they are and whenever they want.

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During the holidays, it's simple to overindulge a little bit, and it's quite normal to not feel like exercising.

You'll undoubtedly resume your workout routine as soon as the holidays are over.

But while you indulge, why not continue the excellent work?

Even though it's easy to be swept up in the activities that go along with this particular time of year, it's crucial to keep in mind that there is no better gift than good health. We've compiled the top 7 Resistance Band Exercises to Do During the Holidays to help you get rid of the guilt from overindulging and keep on track during these busy days. By using the promo code EFIAdvent, you can get the program for free.

P.S - If you're over 40 and fed up with high-intensity workouts but you still want to get rid of unsightly fats without that pesky treadmill, heavy weights, or excessive sweating, then this Low Impact High Result Workout program will forever change how you look at fat loss. Get 25% off when you use the coupon code: Xmas25

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It might be difficult to maintain your eating and exercise routines when your schedule becomes hectic and holiday sweets are readily available. But making the time to exercise has many advantages, including reducing holiday-related stress and the negative effects of all those delectable foods.

A stability ball is a low-cost piece of exercise equipment that you can use in the convenience of your own home to work your complete body.

You have to use all of your muscles to stay on the ball, which strengthens and stabilizes you.

Watch this Stability Ball 101 video to learn the stability ball fundamentals! Everything you need to know is here, including advice on selecting the right ball size and crucial safety information. Download it for FREE by entering coupon code: EFIAdvent at checkout.

P.S - If you want to improve your balance, and get stronger, healthier, leaner, and sexier in less time and with less effort than 'regular' exercise, get a copy of our Strong & Stable Stability Ball Workout program. Use the Coupon Code: Xmas25 to save 25% off.

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Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a Christmas filled with joy, laughter, warmth, and wonderful moments with your family and friends.

Go ahead and splurge...

...but be picky about it.

How can you resist temptation while trying to maintain your weight and cardiovascular health?

Check out this list of top 10 foods to prevent weight gain throughout the winter and during the holidays and to aid in any weight-loss attempts you may be making.

P.S. - Don't let your worry about gaining weight prevent you from enjoying the holidays. For only $197, get our Fitness For Life Bundle! At checkout, enter the promotional code Fit4Life.