EFI Holiday Advent Calendar 2023

Welcome to the 2023 EFI Holiday Advent Calendar.

We have 25 days worth of gifts for you during the month of December to celebrate the holiday season!

Make sure to bookmark this page and return back every day to get your gift.

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We want to welcome you to the first day of EFI’s Holiday Advent Calendar.

The holiday season is just around the corner. What does this best time of the year make you think of?

Festive foods...

Alcohol and sugary drinks...

Pastries, cookies, cakes and more.

The holidays are a time for good eats and sweet treats! And, it’s a time when being healthy can feel really hard.

However, you can outsmart the holidays with simple healthy eating tips.

We will share tricks to help you improve your relationship with food by learning ways to eat more mindfully during the holidays. It's about nurturing yourself first so you don't feel deprived or guilty throughout the festivities.

Get the 10 Tricks for Eating Mindfully During the Holidays for FREE by applying the coupon code EFIAdvent in your shopping cart during checkout!

P.S. - ‘Tis the season for indulgence. Unfortunately, most holiday foods and drinks can increase inflammation in the body and wreak havoc on your health! Make sure to check out our Cooking For Pain-Free Living Cookbook, your delicious disease prevention guide!

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Happy Saturday!

You might not think about it as much, but maintaining good circulation is one of the most important building blocks to keeping your health on track.

Lack of activity is one of the biggest causes of poor circulation.

So, get your blood flowing and your heart pumping with these 5 Bodyweight Exercises to Improve Circulation. Get the program for FREE by using the coupon code EFIAdvent on the checkout page.

P.S. - Too busy to add more exercise to your schedule? Good news: You only need 12 minutes a day to drop 8 lbs. in 2 weeks this holiday season. Make sure to grab your FREE 12-minute holiday workout DVD today!

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Welcome to Day 3 of EFI's Holiday Advent Calendar!

Today, we're talking about keeping your joints healthy, something that can be tough during the cold Christmas season.

Battling joint pain or stiffness can be stressful and difficult. Staying active during the holidays can be hard. Festivities usually involve sitting around and eating more than usual.

Learn the key indicators of joint health problems and identify potential risk factors. Download your FREE copy of "Dumbbells 101" to take steps to maintain strong and healthy joints. Use the coupon code EFIAdvent.

P.S. - We know it's tough to stay motivated with your fitness when you're in discomfort. To support you, we're offering a 25% discount on our "Tone & Tighten Dumbbell Workout".. Use it to discover workouts that are kind to your joints and can help strengthen your body against the strains of the season. We crafted both resources with your joint health in mind. They feature all-natural workout plans known to improve mobility and strength. Use Coupon Code: Xmas25

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Finally, it's the weekend!

The holidays may not be the time to do a strict fitness program or super long and intense workouts, but that does not mean you can’t stay on track and  keep moving forward toward your goals.

A busy schedule is no excuse for neglecting your health. With the right motivation, you can have an efficient and impactful workout in just 5 minutes!

To stay motivated to move and exercise throughout the holidays, get your FREE copy of the 5-Minute Holiday Mini Band Workout program (enter coupon code EFIAdvent at checkout)

P.S -  Increase your flexibility and strength with ease and convenience. This 5-Piece Mini Resistance Band Kit is all you need to reach your maximum performance, anytime, anywhere! Take advantage of our special offer by using the Coupon Code: Xmas25 to save 25% off.

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Welcome to the 5th Day of the EFI Holiday Advent Calendar!

Today, we'll share our favorite healthy holiday recipes in our Christmas Cookbooks bundle!

Fill your home with warmth, delicious food and enticing smells over the holidays.

Click here to get your free copies today!

P.S - Eat your way to a body that feels and looks good. Get this guide that spells out precisely which foods you need to eat to enjoy improved health and pain-free life. Use the Coupon Code: Xmas25 to save 25% off.

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Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy, relaxation, and celebration, but for many people, it is stressful and the reasons are more varied than you might suspect.

As it may sound like the perfect holiday to most… Time off from work, giving and receiving gifts, eating and drinking as much as you want, seeing friends, family, and loved ones, the overflowing spirit of goodwill and cheer. What's not to like?

Well, there could be a lot! And this season often brings unwelcome guests — stress and depression.

From cooking meals… Shopping… Baking… Cleaning… Entertaining… and many more!

So… before the holiday stress sneaks up on you, grab the 5 Minute Meditation to Diffuse Holiday Stress program for FREE and enjoy your most stress-free holiday season yet. Do not forget to use the coupon code EFIAdvent during checkout.

P.S. - Christmas can be pretty hectic, so it's no shock that a lot of people like to chill on their couch or eat sweet treats to feel good. It's normal to want to kick back and eat lots during the holidays just for fun. But these are just quick fixes. If you're going a bit overboard with relaxing and eating, it might be smart to start doing some stretches or flexible exercises as part of your daily routine. This can help balance out the holiday overindulgence and also help you feel better in general. Plus, right now, you can get the "Flexibility Over 40 Handbook" for 25% less—it's full of tips on how to stay limber, which can really help you out during the busy holidays and afterwards. Just use the discount code Xmas25 when you're buying it to get your discount.

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Welcome to the 7th Day of the EFI Holiday Advent Calendar!

Time for self-care...

One of the best self-care practices that you can do for your muscles is to massage them out.

And to give your body the care it needs and stay injury-free, here are the 7 Foam Rolling Exercises Your Body Is Begging You To Do! You can get this program for FREE by entering the coupon code EFIAdvent in your shopping cart during checkout.

P.S - If you want to get our amazing 3 in 1 self-care tool, visit our store and use the Coupon Code: Xmas25 to save 25% off.

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It is the most wonderful time of the year (even if your jeans disagree).

The holidays are one big fat trap. First, you get stressed with the preparations and missed workouts.Then you eat like a pig, so you are sluggish for days.

But what if you could fire up your body's calorie-burning capacity, boosting your metabolism in the process so that you need not to worry too much about gaining extra pounds through the fun, food-filled season?

We are giving away the Metabolism Boosting Workout to Burn Off Those Extra Holiday Calories program 100% FREE! Get your copy today and apply the coupon code EFIAdvent on the checkout page.

P.S - 'Tis the season to remember: Sugar and sweets can be toxic to your health. Consuming sweets can be rough when you struggle with blood sugar balance, and while it's important to enjoy yourself in this season and celebrate, creating boundaries can help keep you healthy. Use the Coupon Code: Xmas25 to save 25% on our 14-Day Diabetes Control Quick Start Program and learn how to handle sugar levels in a way that is perfect for your body - no more controlling, just living life.

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Hello, Saturday!

The holidays are a time of year when we're supposed to be happy and relaxed, but the stress of gift shopping, family gatherings, and planning parties can really get us down.

Enjoy your holiday season with a new sense of calm and serenity with 5 Simple Stretches to Reduce Holiday Stress. Enter coupon code EFIAdvent at checkout to get your FREE copy right now!

The stretches will help you relax your mind and body while helping you stay healthy during this busy time of year.

P.S - Stretching is the best way to increase your metabolism and burn fat throughout the day. By stretching for only 10 minutes every morning you can raise your resting metabolic rate by up to 20%. This means that even while at rest, your body will continue burning calories all day long! Get your instant access to the Stretching to Increase Metabolism program and save 25% (use the coupon code Xmas25) today!

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The arrival of Christmas means it's time for joy, family, and lots of treats. But be careful – too much holiday cheer can take a toll on your waistline. Noticed your belly lately? Is it starting to look like a bowl full of jelly, just like Santa's?

Don't worry! You can easily turn that around with some simple home exercises!

Here's what you need to know about staying fit without leaving your house. Grab Home Workouts 101 for free with Coupon Code: EFIAdvent. We at EFI make fitness easy and fun. Our Home Workouts 101 series offers quick and effective exercises you can do in your living room, no fancy equipment needed.

P.S. - Want to say goodbye to those extra holiday pounds? Check out our "10 Different Confidence-Boosting Fat-Burning Moves." With Coupon Code: Xmas25, you get 25% off! This program is packed with easy, fat-burning exercises that will help you slim down and feel great about yourself. Plus, it comes with online videos, a DVD, and a handy guide. Let our program do the heavy lifting in your post-Christmas fitness journey!

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Do you suffer from hip pain at night, specifically the bursa in your hip?

I know not a lot of people talk about this but many suffer from hip bursitis pain especially for side sleepers.

Grab your free copy of the How to Deal with Chronic Hip Bursitis report and learn how to handle the pain, tenderness, and swelling and prevent it from coming back again in the future.

P.S - Address the root cause of your pain and stiffness with the 10 Easy Movements For Hip Bursitis program. This guide is a simple step-by-step system of gentle movements and easy stretches that can help you reduce and eliminate the pain and get back to a normal, active, pain-free life. Grab your copy now and save 25% by using the Coupon Code: Xmas25

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Christmas dinner is a wonderful time to bring the family together but it's often hard to find a healthy treat that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

If you're looking for a great recipe to serve at your celebration this year, then look no further than this Christmas Peppermint Parfait! This tastes so light and refreshing, yet still decadent enough to feel like a special treat.

P.S - If you are looking for ways to indulge in your favorite holiday treats without giving up all your nutrition goals, get hold of our Home Cook's Guide to Healthy Eating.

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Is your mood falling as fast as the thermometer?

If the short, dark days are getting you down, what can you do to feel like yourself again?

Move your body!

Exercise releases endorphins so you can beat winter blues.

No matter how short the days get or how low the temperatures drop, the 10-Minute Indoor Workout to Beat the Cold Weather Blues program is simply the best way to diminish those dreary day doldrums. Get it for FREE by applying the coupon code EFIAdvent in your shopping cart during checkout.

P.S - Most of us have a million things on our plates during the holidays and we don't have much time to exercise. But you can still burn more calories and increase your energy levels without breaking a sweat with this super easy exercise routine that takes just 8 minutes the 10 Easy Movements for Increased Energy program. It's gentle enough for anyone who wants to get moving, even if they haven't exercised before! Grab your copy today and save 25% by using the Coupon Code: Xmas25

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When the weather gets cold, we all want to feel warm and cozy. But how do you get your body temperature up when it's freezing outside?

The best way to stay warm is by moving around, but most of us are too lazy to get out of the house and workout in the cold weather. And even if we did make it out there, who wants to deal with the nasty weather, icy roads and all those layers?

Get your blood flowing and increase your body temperature by following this gentle yoga routine in the comfort of your own home 10 Yoga Poses to Help You Feel Warm This Winter. Grab your FREE copy by applying the coupon code EFIAdvent in your shopping cart during checkout.

P.S - Do you want to live your happiest, healthiest and most pain-free life? Grab your copy of the 11 Daily Stretches to Feel and Look Amazing program and save 25% by using the coupon code Xmas25.

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Yoga is for everyone. That is a fact. Although it may sound intimidating at first, once you know how and where to start, you'll love it!

Prepare to roll out your yoga mat and discover the combination of physical and mental exercises that can calm your mind and strengthen your body, whether you are young or old, overweight or fit.

But before you do that, make sure to get your own copy of the Yoga 101 program. It's free when you use the EFIAdvent discount code during checkout.

P.S. -We all love the good times that come with holiday seasons, but being glued to a chair for too long on the other days isn't much fun for your body. Sitting too much can be pretty bad for you, just like smoking. This is why you need our 10 Gentle Yoga Poses to Undo the Damage of Sitting All Day. It's a simple set of stretches that help you shake off the stiff, sore feeling from sitting around too much. It's easy to do anywhere – next to your desk, on your couch, or even in bed. Ready to feel better and save some cash? Redeem your path to better health and save 25% with the coupon code Xmas25 today!

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Have you ever wondered why your calf muscles get tight and foot pain gets worse in the winter?

Cold tightens.

Cold slows.

It freezes you up, making your muscles sluggish and unprepared.

There's a simple solution to this…

Take advantage of the 10 Easy Movements to Loosen Tight Calves program so you can unlock those tight muscles today, decrease your pain and stiffness, and help prevent future injuries. Get it for FREE by applying the coupon code EFIAdvent in your shopping cart during checkout.

P.S - Standing and walking are two of the most basic activities we do every day, but for some people it's painful. Don't wait to turn back the clock on your tight, aching ankles. Move again without feeling any discomfort or pain with the Unlock Your Tight Ankles program and literally start feeling results within 45 seconds. Apply the Coupon Code: Xmas25 to save 25% off.

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It's the Christmas season! And you might be thinking that you "deserve" to indulge in all the holiday festivities happening around you, and you may have very limited workout-friendly options because temptations to laze around are everywhere! All those high-calorie, willpower-draining, and couch-encouraging habits are just waiting and enticing for you to succumb to them!

But you cannot risk slacking on your fitness routine knowing that these sedentary practices can affect your overall health, primarily increase sluggishness in the body and wreak havoc on your energy levels.

However, if you've already given in to the seasonal relaxation and now feel that your fitness routine has been compromised, then it's time to check out the Resistance Band 101 program, your at-home solution to a healthier you. And the best part? You can get started for FREE using Coupon Code: EFIAdvent!

P.S. - You can feel your age based on the number of holiday seasons you've witnessed or by how winded you get climbing the stairs. But, we prefer you to just know it based on the vitality you exude and continue to feel younger at any age. This is possible by engaging in a proactive exercise regimen with the Fit for Life Tubing Workout, now at 25% off with Coupon Code: Xmas25, packed with body-toning movements to fight off the holiday weight gain. This way, you can ward off those age-related energy dips.

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The holidays can be stressful and chaotic. Between traveling, visiting family, and attending parties, it's easy to forget about taking care of yourself and can quickly turn into a stressful nightmare.

When you're stressed out your body feels weak, stiff, sore and tired – not exactly what you want when you're trying to enjoy yourself. Thus, it is important to find the time to stay active and clear your mind.

Learn 10 of our favorite stability ball exercises designed to strengthen your body, loosen your joints, and calm your mind. These exercises will help improve your balance, flexibility and strength as well as keeping your mind focused so that you don't get caught in any negative thought cycles or spiral downwards into depression this holiday season. Get your free copy of the Staying Strong and Stress Free with the Stability Ball program by applying the coupon code EFIAdvent at checkout.

P.S - When you use a stability ball, you turn almost every exercise into a whole-body exercise, which can help you burn more calories in less time than other exercises. Spend LESS time exercising and get BETTER results with the Strong & Stable Stability Ball Workout program. Use the Coupon Code: Xmas25 to save 25% off.

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Feeling sluggish, bloated, and constantly tired?

Getting up and moving is one of the finest things you can do to increase your overall vitality!

Put down the calorie-counting apps, skip the fad diets, and perform a dynamic exercise program that doesn't require any gym membership or expensive gear.

The ideal technique to kickstart your metabolism and amplify your energy levels in the shortest amount of time possible is by doing the Quick 5 Minute Energy Boosting Workout. Use the promo code EFIAdvent  in your shopping basket at checkout to get it for free.

P.S. - The 14-Day Metabolism Booster Quick Start Program is recommended if you feel sluggish practically constantly, regardless of how much rest you get or what you eat. With this two-week daily ritual, your metabolic system will be revitalized, and your energy conversion will soar. Use promo code Xmas25 to save 25% off this life-changing program. Let's get your holiday season started with vitality and health!

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Shopping, gift-giving, baking, back-to-back diet-busting parties and more.

The holidays sometimes leave you feeling overwhelmed and out of control. Don't worry, you're not alone!

It is easy to feel not so wonderful at this most wonderful time of the year.

To help you beat holiday stress and stay happy, healthy, and energized, do the 5-Minute Yoga Routine to Decrease Holiday Stress. To get your FREE copy, enter coupon code: EFIAdvent at checkout.

P.S - It is vital to take immediate action to manage and lower your stress levels before it leads to serious illness. Grab your copy of the 14-Day Stress Reduction Quick Start Program to naturally manage your stress levels and protect your overall health. Save 25% when you use the coupon code Xmas25.

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Had an emotional, exhausting day?

Whether you're stressed or excited or anxious or there's just too much going on in the world for you to deal with, it's never a bad time to indulge in a little TLC.

And you don't have to spend thousands of dollars with a massage therapist or personal trainer to get a good deep tissue massage.

All you need is a foam roller!

To better understand foam rollers from A-Z, here's a guide breaking down the do's, the don'ts, and why it's beneficial for you. Get your FREE copy by entering the coupon code: EFIAdvent at checkout.

P.S - Massage therapy is expensive, and you can't always make it to the gym. That's why we recommend our clients to get our amazing 3-in-1 Foam Roller! This versatile tool allows you to do everything from trigger point therapy massage and self myofascial release all while reducing joint pain and improving range of motion. Get 25% off when you use the coupon code: Xmas25

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Just a few more days till Christmas!

The holidays just seem to sneak up on you!

In case you need last-minute gift ideas that will surely please the people who hold a special place in your life, take a peek at our holiday gift guide.

Here are foolproof gift ideas your wife or husband will love for the holidays.

P.S - If your loved ones want to get fit, but have no time and motivation to work out then our 5-Piece Mini Resistance Band Kit (use the coupon code: Xmas25 to save 25% off) is the perfect gift! They will never have an excuse not to exercise again because this easy-to-use kit will help them reach new levels of fitness anywhere, anytime - no bulky equipment necessary!

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It's easy to indulge in a little more than normal during holidays, and it's totally normal to not feel like doing any exercise.

Of course, you'll get back into a fitness regime as soon as the holidays are over.

But why not keep up the good work while you are indulging?

It's easy to get caught up in all of the festivities that come with this special time of year – but it's also important to remember that there is no better gift than good health! To help you release that overindulgence guilt and stay on track during these hectic days, we've put together the best 7 Resistance Band Exercises to Do During the Holidays. Grab the program for FREE by entering the coupon code: EFIAdvent at checkout.

P.S - If you're over 40 and fed up with high-intensity workouts but you still want to erase unsightly fat without that pesky treadmill, heavy weights, or excessive sweating, then this Low Impact High Result Workout program will forever change how you look at fat loss. Get 25% off when you use the coupon code: Xmas25

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When schedules get packed and holiday treats are everywhere, it is more challenging to stick to your nutrition and fitness routines. But finding the time to exercise can have huge benefits, from lowering holiday-related stress to decreasing the impact of all those delicious treats.

When it comes to fitness equipment, there's an inexpensive option that you can use to work your entire body from the comfort of your own home — a stability ball!

To stay on the ball—literally—you're forced to engage all your muscles, which builds strength and improves stability.

Learn the basics in this Stability Ball 101 video! It covers everything you need to know including tips on choosing the correct size ball, important safety notes as well as key Stability Ball exercises to get you started. Download it for FREE by entering coupon code: EFIAdvent at checkout.

P.S - If you want to improve your balance, get stronger, healthier, leaner, and sexier in less time and with less effort than 'regular' exercise, get a copy of our Strong & Stable Stability Ball Workout program. Use the Coupon Code: Xmas25 to save 25% off.

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Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a Christmas filled with joy, laughter, warmth and wonderful moments with your loved ones.

Go ahead and splurge...

...but be picky about it.

How can you try to maintain your weight and heart-health during such a tempting time?

Check out this list of top 10 foods to help you avoid winter and holiday weight gain as well as support any weight-loss efforts you may make.

P.S - Don't let your fear of gaining weight this holiday season keep you from celebrating. Get our Fitness For Life Bundle for only $197! Enter the coupon code: Fit4Life at checkout.